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dog laptopThe Internet can be a great place to connect with other pet parents but not all online sources are reliable when it comes to researching pet health information.

Some websites have financial or professional affiliations that may make their opinions subjective. Others contain outdated or inaccurate information and even suggest home remedies that can be dangerous.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. One specific therapy, procedure, diet, or medication may be right for one pet and wrong for another.

Dog with a tickWe're pleased to carry Bravecto, a flea and tick medication made for both cats and dogs.

Bravecto comes as both a topical solution and a chew. Currently, it's the only flea and tick medication in which one dose lasts for 12 weeks. 

Once applied, it starts killing fleas within only two hours and ticks in as early as 12 hours. You can check out their flyer and learn about their current rebate here.

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